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Dr. Enrico Sciubba

Dr. Enrico Sciubba (M.Eng. Roma 1972, Ph.D.Rutgers, NJ 1981) is currently Professor of Turbomachinery & Energy Systems in the Dept. of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering of the University of Roma 1 “La Sapienza”. He has previously held industrial positions in Italy (1975-78) and Germany (1973-75), and taught in the field of Thermal Sciences at Rutgers University (1980) and Catholic U. of America (1981-85). He was a Fulbright scholar (1978-1981), and received in 2001 a honorary Doctoral Degree from the U. of Galati (Romania). His research interests lie in CFD of turbomachinery, with particular attention to the modelling of turbulence, in the exergy analysis of complex systems, and in engineering applications of AI to thermal conversion processes: in all of these fields, he has an extensive record of archival publications, including four books. Professor Sciubba, an ASME Fellow, is also a member of several international Engineering Societies and a member of the editorial board of Energy, IJEx, IJOT, JERT and J. of Energy Resources.
He is also responsible for several Faculty and Student Exchange programs in the U. of Roma 1. His current research projects include the design and testing of ultra-micro-turbomachines, hybrid turbo-electric vehicles, the exergy analysis of advanced energy conversion processes and societal sectors, and the application of AI techniques to CFD, with specific emphasis on pseudo-optimization methods based on the minimization of the local entropy generation rate.

Office hours: mon & fri 12-14
wed 14-16

Room 32,
dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Via Eudossiana, 18
00184 Roma

Vox: +39 06 44 58 52 44
Fax: +39-06-44585249
Cell: +39 347 38 45 088




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